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It’s difficult to know which social media platforms you should be on. With new ones popping up all the time and the terms and conditions changing every other hour, how should you best spend your time? What gets the quickest results? How can you reach more people, better, faster and more effectively? It’s all so confusing and there are simply too many to tackle all on your own – ain’t nobody got time for that! I get it.

Which social media platforms should I be on? - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

So when Zeenat of Positive Provocations (facebook page) and Sandra of Always Well Within (facebook page) asked me on Facebook about how they can best spend their time on social media and which social media platforms they should be on, I came up with a pretty simple answer: It depends.

Not quite so simple though, right? So let’s dig into it a little bit more so you know which social media platforms you should be on and why. Having the accounts isn’t enough – you actually have to use them, and use them effectively. I’m not going to lie to you – it does take time, effort and commitment. Anyone who says it doesn’t, IS in fact, lying to you. As with any successful endeavor, you have to do the leg work to see results. But you don’t have to do it alone, nor do you have to waste your precious time floundering and splashing about like a beached dolphin.

If you approach your social media in a focused, excited and engaging way, you will see results on the social media platforms you should be on. I promise. But how do you know exactly which ones those are? Here’s how you can figure out just that.

1. Ask yourself “Who Is My Audience?” Seriously. Do it out loud. Right now.

If you don’t know, define it. We’ve talked about creating avatars for your audience before, so if you haven’t done this yet, do that first. Take 10 minutes and write this shit down, say it out loud and then breathe.

Once you have your avatar and you can say out loud who your audience is, then find out where they hang out online. There are billions (okay, maybe not billions, but definitely hundreds) of reports on Google that define the core demographics of each and every social media platform out there. Or you can click the2 links I just mentioned and they will give you an insight. You’re welcome.

2. Establish your goals.

Do you want more website or blog traffic? Do you want to get sponsored or corporate brand partnerships? Are you interested in making sales for your small business? Or do you want to network and develop relationships with other industry professionals and be seen as an authority or influencer?  Write down your goals below your audience Avatar. Be as specific as you can.

Okay. So now which platforms generate the kind of results you want to see (see the previous 2 links in point one) AND hosts your audience?

And remember –  super duper important take away here! It’s called “SOCIAL” media for a reason. You need to be social and with that, consistency and quality engagement is key. You can be uber-successful using social media to reach your goals if you speak WITH others, not at them. Link dump? You would never! You’re much too classy for that.

3. Make it A Hard Appointment.

You write down important appointments, yes? In permanent red ink. Or if you’ve stepped into the 21st century (unlike me, obviously), as a colour coded and alarm set iCal appointment. You don’t miss it. Your social media efforts require the same kind of dedication and commitment because in the end, they’re all about creating and nurturing relationships. Schedule that shit as a recurring, hard appointment each and every day and treat your audience there with the same respect you would if you were meeting them in person.

So now you may be wondering that with all that being said, why am I using plural form of platform?  Because it’s important to be on at least 2 or 3 platforms. But, Kristy! Why can’t I focus on just one? Here it is: Most people don’t use multiple social networks so you want to make it easy for them to find you. Providing the best quality content on as many relevant-to-you platforms as you feel you can handle comfortably is the best way to get your content – and your brand – in your audience’s line of sight and to reach your goals.

Does this advice make sense? Which platforms are you on? What about social media do you just not “get”? What platforms do you love? Which do you loathe? Share your thoughts below!

AND…. If you have a pressing social media, design, online marketing, branding or life question, ask us anything! We may just feature it (and you) on the ohksocial blog!

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