Whether you’ve achieved the level of success you had hoped for thus far in 2017 or you’re struggling to “make it” in some way, we want to help you be better. There’s always more we can do. True of business, true of blogging, true of eating, true of life.

Our mentorship programs are strategically designed to help you grow your blog or business in proven ways that increase clarity, traffic, income, brand visibility, bank balances, and general happiness overall.

…Especially when wine is involved.

We work closely with motivated, passionate and fiercely committed clients who want to do what they love in the most effective and wonderful way possible. They also don’t mind the occasional F-bomb and enjoy our friendly yet firm mentorship style.

You don’t have to continue to feel overwhelmed. Shitty. Disappointed. Hungry. Or confused.

You most certainly don’t have to choose between success in your business, and success in your personal life. We’re here to help you have it all!

Your income will increase and you’ll feel (and look!) great.

If you feel like you’re constantly chasing after problem clients or brands that don’t respond or you’re stuck in that feast or famine cycle, that can have a serious impact on your bank account. Not to mention your mental health and general sanity.

Don’t pull out the white jackets just yet.

Your blog or business should support your life, not the other way around.

And while having a killer website or blog design helps, knowing how to use the tools you have helps even more. We apply a holistic and strategic system to your unique goals to ensure your schedule fills up with your ideal clients and brand partners your income increases and you feel great.

…Not to mention look damn sexy!

You’ll get shit done and see the response you hoped for.

If the clients aren’t coming as quickly as you thought they would, the traction you expected is slow going and you’re second-guessing every decision you make, you aren’t alone.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new clients is that they feel like they’ve been spinning their wheels and going no where. They’re stuck. Confused. And they just don’t have the time in the day to get it all done. They start to consider throwing in the towel and going back to their day jobs.

Then they sign on with us. They do the work. They see results.

And we want to do the same thing for you: We’re going to whip you into shape, DEVO style.

That means we ensure your systems are in place, you feel confident to use them, your copy is as amazing as it should be, and then we create executable plans for action – big and small – to get you moving, get shit done and get you the response you’ve hoped for.

You’ll save tons of time, frustration & money, honey.

Fumbling around in the dark, sucks. Unless you’re fumbling around in the dark with Chris Pratt. Then it’s probably a’ight.

But trying to figure out the whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys and hows of growing your following and income is an awfully daunting and confusing task. There’s so much conflicting information out there and everyone has a different opinion.

Here’s the thing: People want what you have to offer and we’re here to help you give it to them. 

We’ve spent years honing what works and what doesn’t and truthfully, what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. So we dive deep into YOUR vision, combine your dreams with our expertise and specifically design a program to develop a clear and strong vision of – and direction for – what you want most.

And then give you actionable executables to go after it.

You & me, we’re in this together.

In our smarty-pants brains we make a lot of excuses that feel like good reasons not to take the plunge and invest in ourselves.

Do any of these sound like you:

  • There are bills to pay
  • I’m just not ready
  • I need to get a better idea of what I want
  • I’m too comfortable or too scared or too busy with my job, or family or other life circumstances
  • My husband doesn’t approve
  • I haven’t made any money yet
  • I can’t focus, I have too many ideas
  • I can’t afford it

Yes? I used a lot of these for a long time too #Samesies. There’s no shame here.

But these excuses, are just that: Excuses.

When we really want something – when we see the value in it and in ourselves – we make it a priority.

Hungry? We sit down to eat. Thirsty? We grab a glass of gin, err, water. Sleepy? We go to bed. Why do we honour our physical needs but not our emotional, mental or spiritual ones?

Being happy – spending our days doing what we love – is just as important. Quality of life matters, yo.

And sure, you could do all this yourself – branding, building a website, figuring out the hows and shoulds and shouldnts and whys of social media and copy-writing and editing and newsletters and business growth and blog traffic and how to make money doing something you’re good at and that you love….

But why would you waste all that time and effort?

None of us are an island. And we’re not able to do everything solo either. Despite what my Type-A brain tells me. I regularly have to ask for help and delegate for the things I’m not skilled at or have no expertise in, or simply just don’t have the time to do properly.

Think of it this way: You can go to the gym and work your butt off and eat right and you’ll tone up, get strong, lose excess body fat and get super duper fit. OR you could hire a personal trainer and do it in a fraction of the time. Not to mention the emotional support, physical safety, advice, and relationship you build along the way.

…And then you can come over and help me eat some of this ice cream.

Working together gets you there faster and more better (that’s good grammar, right?)

Brand Mentoring and Small Business Coaching Agency - Vancouver, BC | Peppercorn Creative

Our Mentorship Programs (let’s get it on!)

To be clear: We’re not the typical, fluffy-feelings coach for hire and we aren’t the cheapest program you’ll find. But we are highly successful and thus, book up early. We work one-on-one with you and are seriously results-obsessed. We’re honest yet sensitive, hard working yet compassionate and we create an ongoing plan of action for the future of your success to ensure good shit happens.

In other words, we help you make more money and we treat your business – and your success – as our own. Because it’s that damn important.

We provide what we call “luxury client service” for our clients but we also understand you might want to know a little more before we get started.

So below are quick rundowns of our 3 mentorship programs so you know what to expect when working with us.


In this affordable & highly valuable individual mentoring session, our focus is to target a finite scope for a specific problem(s) you’re having and then provide you with support and executable actions, resources and information that will solve the discussed problem(s).

We can review your website, develop your content strategy or talk about anything you want to accomplish in your business, blog, brand, social media, or life but you’re not sure how.

…Except fight club. We can’t talk about that.


You and I agree on a mentoring date and then we’ll send you the invoice via Paypal to book it.

Upon confirmation of payment, we’ll send you a virtual happy power hour menu (a questionnaire to address your goals, challenges, concerns and some background info about your brand as it is currently). You must submit that to us 72 hours before our appointment.

From there we review your responses and prepare for our meeting!

During our time together you’re welcome to bring up any of the information you provided me beforehand and ask any additional questions that you need help with. We encourage you to ask really pressing or specific questions you have in mind ahead of time so we can give you the best information possible and we can make use of our time optimally.

Once you and I conclude our time together, we put together a personalized strategy guide which summarizes your goals, what we talked about and includes tips and resources that will help guide you where we’ve established it is you want to go.

Ultimately the entire session is all about powering though to help you become the brand, person and business you want to be. You’ll walk away with clear direction, advice and executables to make your goals real.

We’re like a personal trainer, but for your brand.


This highly flexible program is where the Virtual Happy {Power} Hour and the Brand Development Mentorship Program meet!

If one session isn’t enough, we offer The Virtual Happy Power Hour in a more regular format which allows you to pick our brains (mmm, brains) and have us help develop your goals, objectives and strategies, and follow up to keep you accountable on an ongoing basis. The format is less time & monetary commitment than the full Brand Development Partnership but still sees heaps of momentum, accountability and success!


To keep things simple, the Grow & Glow Program is basically the Virtual Happy {Power} Hour on a regular basis: 2 sessions a month, over a 6 month period, without the support add-ons (audio recordings of all our sessions together, laser focus calls between meetings for anything you want an answer to RIGHT NOW and unlimited email support) of the Brand Development Partnership program.

Appointment dates are set ahead of time for the next 6 months to ensure you get the one-on-one time with us you need. We’ll bill you on the 1st of the month for the allocated sessions, and you’ll know for sure and ahead of time what our calendar will look like.

When 6 months are up, you’ll have clear, accountable, inspired and profitable movement toward your goals. Easy peasy!

Of course there’s lots of hard work on your end, but we’re here to help you strategize and work through it to make REAL steps toward YOUR success.

If you’re thrilled with the results (and we think you will be), at the end of 6 months we can reassess our partnership and see how we fit together moving forward.


We highly recommend this option to anyone looking to seriously grow their blog or business and are in it to win it. Because it’s awesome. And incredibly + tangibly effective. Like you. This program sees real results!

In the Brand Development Partnership Program we meet twice a month for a full 60 minutes each time to plan and strategize, discuss specific steps for implementation, troubleshoot problems, and discuss any brand/life/business work required. This regular schedule allows you to go deep and make progress, while maintaining clear forward momentum.

Included in this partnership:

  • 12 individual 60 minute sessions over a 6 month period, by Skype. Each call is a blend of the creative and the practical, and you’ll leave each session with specific steps to work on.
  • 10-15 minute laser calls available between scheduled meetings for when you’re stuck with something that is time-urgent and won’t wait.
  • Honesty, transparency, hard work and no bullshit.

  • Unlimited email support. Evaluating marketing or operational strategies, product offers, website pages. Send it in by email, and we’ll give you our written response.
  • Each session is recorded for you to download, so if we get the wording on something just right or if we’re going deep and you don’t want to take notes, you’ve got it all there for you.
  • Additional materials & VIP pricing & access on new services that would benefit your brand.

The six month commitment we ask for this program is not a commitment you are making to us, it’s a commitment you make to yourself and your blog or business.

Building one is not a 30 day, overnight success story. And any mentor or coach who tells you it is, is wasting your precious time. It takes commitment and consistency in addition to knowledge, heart and whiskey. Err…

In six months with us, you’ll find you’ve made significant movement toward your goals – even conquered some of them – as well as achieved clarity, confidence, visibility and real action. We call these happy executables!

And with that real action comes real income, real results and real success!

Next Step: Take Action!

We love nothing more than sharing our skills & collaborating with passionate clients who won’t compromise on quality to create profitable brands, beautiful websites and engaging content that makes you money so you can thrive in business, in your relationships and in life. Because you hot dang damn deserve it!

So if you’re ready for an honest, results-driven, and fun relationship that creates a solution that fulfills your deepest desires, let’s do this.

Discover what we can do for you!

Let us know a bit about your project and your goals and what your favourite kind of cookie is. We’ll work closely with you to help choose the best option for your brand’s unique goals.