We’re so grateful to have such fantastically talented (and kind of super awesome) clients and we thank them – from the very bottom of our glass – for their continued business, stupendous reviews, and most importantly, the gifts they send us (JK….jk… Kind of.)

Here’s what some of them have said…

Rachel Maxcy - Career Coaching
Rachel Maxcy
Senior Recruiter and Career Strategist
What’s been really helpful for me is Kristy has helped me get past my blocks. When we finish a coaching session together, I do the work because she gives me the actions to power through it. Kristy’s making me see what I do IS valuable and I can charge what I'm worth. She’s helped me with seeing possibilities based on strengths, value what I can offer others, and learn how to stay no. I feel empowered while doing the work and love the paced progress. Kristy is the real deal. She makes me realize I can do this!
Barry Parsons - Rock Recipes Website Design - Testimonial | Peppercorn Creative Vancouver Website Design Agency
Barry Parsons
Freelance Writer & Blogger
My bounce rate has dropped almost 6% in the first 3 days of Peppercorn Creative’s work going live on my site and session duration is up 30% or more as well. Plus my mailing list has seen just over 800 sign ups. It’s pretty cool.
Linda Spiker - Custom Wordpress Website Design Client Testimonial
Linda Spiker
Cookbook Author & Blogger
Honestly, I can't think of any way to improve upon Peppercorn Creative's process. It was an easy and painless one and Kristy makes me laugh. It all went smoothly and beautifully. It was a pleasure and if I am ever crazy enough to do a third blog, I would use them again!
karen swyszcz - makin the bacon
Karen Swyszcz
Blog & Business Strategist
I had previously used Kristy for her mentorship services. She was nothing short of phenomenal so it made perfect sense to hire her for a site redesign. Kristy was very prompt in her responses to my questions and requests. Not only that, she provided reasons as to why she was doing things a certain way. She has a fantastic eye for detail. Thanks to her, I now have a site that's beautiful, functional and purposeful.
How To Eat - Nutritionist Website Design - Testimonial.
Erin Macgregor & Dara Gurau
Registered Dieticians, Food and Nutrition Bloggers & Communicators
For anyone looking to work with an INCREDIBLE website designer and content strategist with incredible value, Kristy of Peppercorn Creative has been a dream to work with! She was the perfect mix of professional and personable, stuck to timelines and deadlines PERFECTLY, answered questions big and small with detail and precision while understanding her audience (we're website newbies), and captured our philosophy and design needs exactly.

We were seriously impressed with our experience working with Kristy - she's a genius!
Raychel Greenwald | Copywriting Testimonial
Raychel Greenwald
CEO, Small Business Owner
Before I found Peppercorn Creative, I wasn't getting the type of business and clientele I really wanted. It's only been a week since their work went live but my traffic has nearly doubled. Almost all the new calls and emails I've received are exactly the type of client I want! The biggest difference between Peppercorn Creative and companies I worked with before was that they genuinely cared. For the first time in the 23 years I've been in business, I have a clear plan and goals. Something I wouldn't have accomplished had it not been for their passion in helping me succeed.
Liliana Tommasini - Website Design
Liliana Tommasini
Cookbook Addict & Reviewer
Working with Peppercorn Creative was a most pleasant experience! At first I was hesitant to invest the money required as it was over my budget, but now, looking at the results, I am very happy I did. I appreciated that they took the time to explain the details and the scope and communication were very clear.

No improvement needed. The service provided by Peppercorn Creative was over and beyond my expectations. I will definitely refer my friends to them!
Bri Leichliter - BLCore Group Website Design - Testimonial | Peppercorn Creative Vancouver Website Design Agency
Bri Leichliter
Process & Procedure Specialist
Clear expectations were set at the beginning of our project, which made it very nice and easy to keep the project moving forward. We met deadlines and milestones the whole way through. Kristy was great to work with! I feel like she really took the time to learn about me and my business to tailor my website to my specific needs. My website is absolutely beautiful and it's something that I'm proud to share.
April J Harris - Copywriting Testimonial
April J Harris
Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Writer
I was so impressed with the way Peppercorn Creative interpreted all my waffle into a beautiful description of what I want to accomplish.

They wrote what I was too afraid to - and they've encouraged me to be more transparent and brave with what I write and share. I was writing 'what I thought I should write' for such a long time. I feel like I'm finally getting my voice back. It's way more than what I asked for and I'm delighted.

Peppercorn Creative has an uncanny gift for being able to translate someone's vision into reality. Their service is friendly and supportive and most of all that it's a real joy to work with them.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Peppercorn Creative to others and plan on having them re-design my site when the time comes!

Website Design Client Testimonial
Nicole Perriella
Ayurveda Wellness Counselor & Yoga Teacher
Peppercorn Creative is a fabulous company that helped me redesign my website from top to bottom. The initial questionnaire helped me get clear on my vision and communicate my needs to them. Their creative genius has turned my idea into reality! I’ve already received so many compliments on the new look and feel of my website. Thanks to the SEO features, a new client already contacted me.
Rhonda Adkins - Website Design Client
Rhonda Adkins
Pizazz Educational Director, Culinarian
Truthfully, I thought Peppercorn Creative was great! There isn't anything I can think of that they need to improve and that is hard to believe. Especially since I always seem to find something. I most appreciated their patience, communication and how they're so good at "tellin' it like it is!"

If you're looking for a designer that gets you; one that will customize to fit your needs and even needs you didn't know you needed, then Peppercorn Creative is perfect.
Cooks With Cocktails - Blog Design Clients - Peppercorn Creative
Debbie & Julie
Food Bloggers
I really appreciated Peppercorn Creative's patience in walking us through the process. It was difficult at times for us and they did it with professionalism and patience. The outcome was a fabulous, professional looking blog with a professional easy to use email newsletter to go with it. We absolutely love it!

Of course I'd refer our friends to Peppercorn Creative!
Jacey Joanette the Cookie Writer - Website Design Testimonial
Kacey Joanette
Food Blogger, Freelance Writer
I'll be straight to the point. Peppercorn Creative was great to work with, fast, and reliable. We worked out an ideal design and transformed it into something amazing! They were honest and upfront and I liked their humour. We could talk about daily things in life while still committing to the project. They truly do care so you just feel at home with the people of Peppercorn Creative. And now I have a totally beautiful and professional blog and logo too!

Hell YES I would recommend Peppercorn Creative to my friends. No other words are needed.
Danielle Slawsby - Website Design Client
Danielle Slawsby
Small Business Owner
Peppercorn Creative have helped me achieve a lot in a relatively short period of time. They are a trusted business partner and nobody knows my business better. I’d be truly lost without them!

I'm looking forward to them helping me with new initiatives throughout the year.

You’d be foolish not to hire them.
Jane Bonacci - Website Design Testimonial
Jane Bonacci
Food Writer, IACP Finalist
Peppercorn Creative was clear and concise, understanding, flexible, and helped keep me on target. During our project it was extremely challenging time for me, so their help and guidance, keeping me focused was extremely helpful. I also really appreciate their sense of humor, making me laugh on some very stressful days. I could have never have done it without them.

I've already referred friends to them so if you want to get a beautiful, perfectly functioning design and have a blast while doing it, hire Peppercorn Creative!!
Sharon Rhodes - Logo Design Testimonial
Sharon Rhodes
Real Food Photographer & Writer
I can't think of any 'improvements' on my time with Peppercorn Creative. I like their straight shooting. They're quick to respond, thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.
France Morissette - The Restless Palate - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
France Morissette
Food Blogger & Photographer
Peppercorn Creative really pulled out my taste for colors and style accurately. I also love how clear and concise they were about deadlines and expectations. I knew exactly what to expect and loved the client service! I loved the experience.

If you want a clean and tastefully designed website that functions well and is easy to use, this is the company to work with. You won't have any miscommunications about what's going to happen, prices, or what you're going to get. You should absolutely hire them.
John Ward - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
John Ward
TV & Comic Book Writer, Black Belt in Fondue
Everything was perfect. I loved their fantastic, responsive customer service and I would absolutely recommend them to my friends. You need to hire them!!
Charmian Christie The Messy Baker - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Charmian Christie
Cookbook Author, Public Speaker, Food Writer & Recipe Developer
Peppercorn Creative was creative, responsive and listened. They were very fun and pleasant to work with. The designer’s energy shone through which made the entire experience more enjoyable. It is a bit stressful to redesign a site and create a brand and I liked how thorough they were in getting a feel for what I was after and what I didn’t want. I’d recommend Peppercorn Creative if anyone asked.
Sara Fengolio - Website Design Client Testimonial
Sara Fengolio
Lifestyle Blogger, Real Food & Natural Health Advocate
I found Peppercorn Creative after seeing some of their amazing work and I hired them to makeover my blog; They did such a fantastic job!

Peppercorn Creative is very professional and they take care of all of the technical stuff so you don’t have to. What ever your style is, they can accommodate your needs. They truly aim to please and work really hard to do so. They did a fantastic job; I am so happy with the result. My blog now fits my personality and style perfectly!

I previously had a love/hate relationship with my unoriginal WordPress theme. It was very limiting and I was not able to do the things I really wanted to do with it. Not only that, the organization was terrible. Peppercorn Creative made the whole process easy. They organized my blog to get rid of the “blog clutter” and it’s now clean, neat, easy to read and follow! I am excited to see where my new blogging adventure takes me… especially with this new look!

I definitely plan to use them for any of my blogging needs in the future!
Crystal Lee - Website Design Client Testimonial
Crystal Lee
Nurse & Lifestyle Blogger
Amazing experience! Peppercorn Creative was phenomenal and so easy to work with. Their communication was prompt and beyond efficient. Their work is flawless, professional and beautiful. My blog turned out better than I could have ever imagined and they answered all of my questions along the way. I highly recommend them for all of your social media, blog, website and graphic needs! Wouldn’t use anyone else…
Rhowena Maccuish - Logo and Website Design Client Testimonial
Rhowena Maccuish
Food Photographer, Producer & Stylist
Peppercorn Creative helped me to update and freshen up my existing website and blog. They were always quick to reply to emails, implement work and made the whole process clear at every stage. They were very friendly and personable to work with.

Would highly recommend!
Leslie McGuirk - Website Design Client Testimonial
Leslie McGuirk
Peppercorn Creative has got it going on! They are creative and innovative with design. Plus they knows a ton about social media. Very easy to work with and a good teacher, to those of us struggling with this every changing landscape of social media. They gave my site the “one….two…PUNCH!!” it needed.

I would highly recommend them. Get them now, before this genius company is going to be booked solid!!
Iva Grbesic - Website Design Client Testimonial
Iva Grbesic
Cityline Style Expert, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger
Service should be spelled Kristy Gardner (the lead at Peppercorn Creative).
Kelsey Gonder - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Kelsey Gonder
Marketing Director
If you’d like to work with someone who has a fun personality, that is easy to talk to AND professional, I’d recommend Peppercorn Creative! The communication was great, response times were quick and content was concise. I never felt out of the loop and always felt comfortable emailing them at any time – day & night.
Christal Sczebel - Website Design Testimonial
Christal Sczebel
Certified Holistic Nutritionist
I had wanted a fresh new look for my blog and I had some specific requests! I inquired with quite a few web designers and Peppercorn Creative was super prompt in getting back to me which set the tone for how they would be to work with through the design process! They were always incredibly quick to get back to me via email and I loved that they addressed every concern or question I had in detail.

They were incredibly thorough with me when getting a feel for the look I wanted for my blog – which was great because we really nailed it in the end! The whole process was a breeze and Peppercorn Creative was flexible and willing to make changes and alterations so that the look was exactly what I wanted!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peppercorn Creative to anyone I know looking for this type of service! Thanks again Peppercorn!
Theresa Lemieux - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Theresa Lemieux
Food Blogger & Publicist
Peppercorn Creative has an amazing eye. Beautiful design, friendly service, lots of ideas, speedy delivery, clear instructions provided. Their patience is astounding and a close second, but their design work is gorgeous.
Samantha Mosher - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Samantha Mosher
Teaching, Reading & Learning Specialist
Peppercorn Creative is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They walked me through every step of the process and provided me with great resources to learn about SEO and other things that were totally foreign to me. Both the design and the coaching were excellent. I also really appreciate that they went the extra mile since education clients weren’t really their norm. Overall, it was a fantastic experience!
Jane Craske - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Jane Craske
Food Blogger, Meal Planner
I have zero complaints about working with Peppercorn Creative! They set clear expectations and deadlines and I appreciated their willingness to work with what was previously a very 'misty'concept. Plus their payment structure was fair, communication was straightforward throughout and they were very creative.

I would unreservedly recommend them to my friends or for your project!
Teresa Blackburn - Content Writing Client Testimonial
Teresa Blackburn
Food Stylist & Photographer
As a food stylist & working for many national companies and magazines I cannot say how much I respect Peppercorn Creative’s dedication and attention to detail in their content creation (writing). This has been a very positive experience for me.
Kristen Stevens The Endless MEal - Logo Design and Website Design Testimonial
Kristen Stevens
Recipe Blogger & Chef
Peppercorn Creative was so easy to communicate with! I really liked that they encouraged only one email per step. I'm the kind of person who needs to take a moment to absorb and think about all the details so I don't miss things. It was great because I didn't feel rushed. I also really appreciate the extra time they took to get my logo perfect. I know that was over and above.

Peppercorn Creative is professional and awesome to work with. They've got a great eye for design and know a thing or two about websites. I totally love my new design. I spent a bunch of time looking food blogs and, of all the ones I saw, I loved my layout/design and branding the best. Peppercorn Creative totally rocks.

Thank you again for making my blog look so sexy! I'd definitely be singing your praises and recommending you to my friends.

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