Forget the adage that “content is king“. It’s so 1996. Content is queen, bitches. And by queen, I mean fabulous, supreme, social and generally sparkly.

What Is Quality Content -

My inner-Feminist is screaming right now: How dare you gender-stereoptype women in relation to internet marketing?! Not all women (or queens for that matter) are loud, showy, chatter-mouths or covered in glitter. And rightfully so. But I’m sick to death of hearing that “Content is King” like the “king” is the be all and end all. He isn’t. And neither is your website content. Here’s why, what it means for you and your online presence and how you can create true quality content that people want to read, return to and share with their buddies.

We all know content is how you reach, relate to and engage with your audience. It’s why I insist to my website design and coaching clients that they need a blog. It not only gives your brand a human face (despite what Person of Interest would have us believe, people respond to humans, not machines), it also gets you to rank higher in Google’s search.

But writing a great blog post, article for a magazine, creating a stellar infographic or picture, or posting the perfect tweet is only the first step of creating great content. Creating really great content starts with you but it certainly doesn’t end there. And if you think it does (or you’re not taking it further than that), you need a serious shake to the head. I offer those by the way – just shoot me an email and ask for one. I can shake it like no body’s biznass!

So what then does quality content – queen content – really mean? And how can you use it to generate followers, brand sponsors, clients and more opportunities and income?

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It means stop selling. Stop pitching to people. Stop being an A-hole. Instead, give your audience avatar something to invest in by investing in them. We talked about this briefly in my article about how to use social media but let’s really get into it now; This is what creating quality content REALLY means!

Invest in your community. Write articles that are useful, insightful or entertaining so your audience finds something of value in them and then give back and nurture those who you want to get in front of, who take the time to share and comment on your content and be generous.

Stop asking, start giving.

We can get into all the technical aspects of Google’s algorithm but here’s the main takeaway… Be uniquely you in your interactions and wait to see your brand grow because if you invest in others – if you truly give to them through your personality, social updates, blog posts and content creation – they’ll invest in you. And that is when you start to see return on your investment. That, my friend, is when you stop being an a-hole and start being a queen. In all your glorious fabulousness that is uniquely you.

I’m not going to lie – there is no such thing as overnight success and if you’re chasing it, you’re in for a sad reality check (or a good head shake, anyhow). Or you’re just an A-hole. Stop being spammy, start being… I can’t think of anything what rhymes with spammy. Just be awesome, okay?  Be generous. Be social.

In essence, the key to creating really great content that get’s shared, followed and loved is this: Stop thinking like a TV ad. Online media – blogs, websites, social profiles – aren’t T.V. So why treat them that way? They’re exciting, disruptive, empowering technologies that create new spaces for business and brands. You can totally be successful and reach your dreams through them. You just have to use them in ways that work for you. You have to nurture quality content, fit for a queen.

Here it is, one more time, nice and simple: Start thinking like a human and assume everyone else is too. Engage. Reply. Relate. Succeed.

What does quality content mean for you? What makes you want to share, engage with or read content? How do you promote yours? Are you really social on social media?  Do you think like a human? What’s the trickiest part of quality content for you?

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3 Comments on What Does Quality Content REALLY Mean?

  1. Amy | Club Narwhal
    September 9, 2014 at 4:52 pm (3 years ago)

    “It means stop selling. Stop pitching to people. Stop being an A-hole.” Amen to that, Kristy! My eyes glaze over the second anything even begins to resemble a pitch. I know marketing is a huge part of life (no matter what you do) and it is always good to be reminded of the goal: authentically engaging with people. That’s when people really respond!
    Amy | Club Narwhal recently posted…PUMPKIN CHALLAH SWIRLED WITH CHOCOLATEMy Profile

    • Kristy Gardner
      September 24, 2014 at 11:56 am (3 years ago)

      Oh Amy!! I’m so glad you agree. I do the exact same thing. It’s like, “Start relating and be honest. STOP SELLING”.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts – I was so excited to see your name in the comment thread. xo!

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