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Social Media Strategy

What Does Quality Content REALLY Mean?

What Is Quality Content -

Forget the adage that “content is king“. It’s so 1996. Content is queen, bitches. And by queen, I mean fabulous, supreme, social and generally sparkly. My inner-Feminist is screaming right now: How dare you gender-stereoptype women in relation to internet marketing?! Not all women (or queens for that matter) are loud, showy, chatter-mouths or covered […] Read more…

Amp Up Your Newsletter: Get More Subscribers, Engagement & Return (Free Printables!)

What You Should Put in a Newsletter that Doesn’t Suck (And What Not To)

What to Put in a Newsletter - And What Not To! - ohksocialmedia

So far we’ve established why you need a newsletter, how to go about creating one and the fact that you don’t want it to suck. Today we’re talking about what you should put in a newsletter (that doesn’t suck), as well as the things you shouldn’t include. Now, your newsletter is an opportunity for you […] Read more…

5 Social Media, Design & Small Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

5 Podcasts You Should Listen To - ohksocialmedia

Where do you go when you need social media, blogging, design or small business advice? As a small business entrepreneur, I spend a LOT of my time alone on my deck or in a coffee shop sucking back caffeine and having conversations with myself. Unlike other designers, online media relationship facilitators (did you like that […] Read more…

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