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3 Ways to Get Your Small Business to Stand Out & Find New Clients

3 Ways to get your small business to stand out and find new clients - | website design agency and branding consultant in Vancouver BC

I’m often asked by coaching & consulting clients, “will people buy this?” My answer: In this day and age, there’s a market for everything. Literally. Everything. But that doesn’t mean the Mom with the stroller is going to want to buy your porn aggregation app. Or that the blogger you’ve connected with can afford your […] Read more…

I Made A Monstrous Marketing Mistake! (and what I’m doing to fix it)

My huge marketing mistake & how I'm fixing it - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

You guys… I made a monstrous marketing mistake. Like, we’re talking Mount-Everest-summit-between-Tibet-and-Nepal kinda big. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you subscribe to the newsletter. So you know that about a month ago I announced that video posts were coming soon. I even put out a huge call to everyone asking what […] Read more…

The Authority Lie: How To Be A Successful Blogger & Entrepreneur

The Authority Lie: How to be a Successful Blogger & Entrepreneur - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

How many times have you heard from the experts, gurus and other self-proclaimed success stories that you need to position yourself as an authority to become a successful blogger or entrepreneur? Like if you were to suddenly harness the energy of the universe and take a couple short-cuts on “get rich quick” train, you’ll somehow […] Read more…

How to Use Facebook (when you hate using Facebook)