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Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Get Your Small Business to Stand Out & Find New Clients

3 Ways to get your small business to stand out and find new clients - | website design agency and branding consultant in Vancouver BC

I’m often asked by coaching & consulting clients, “will people buy this?” My answer: In this day and age, there’s a market for everything. Literally. Everything. But that doesn’t mean the Mom with the stroller is going to want to buy your porn aggregation app. Or that the blogger you’ve connected with can afford your […] Read more…

How to Use Facebook (when you hate using Facebook)

What Does Quality Content REALLY Mean?

What quality content really means on your blog and in your small business - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

Forget the adage that “content is king“. It’s so 1996. Content is queen, bitches. And by queen, I mean fabulous, supreme, social and generally sparkly. My inner-Feminist is screaming right now: How dare you gender-stereoptype women in relation to internet marketing?! Not all women (or queens for that matter) are loud, showy, chatter-mouths or covered […] Read more…

Amp Up Your Newsletter: Get More Subscribers, Engagement & Return (Free Printables!)

What You Should Put in a Newsletter that Doesn’t Suck (And What Not To)

Email marketing and newsletter tips: What to include in a newsletter (and what not to) - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

So far we’ve established why you need a newsletter, how to go about creating one and the fact that you don’t want it to suck. Today we’re talking about what you should put in a newsletter (that doesn’t suck), as well as the things you shouldn’t include. Now, your newsletter is an opportunity for you […] Read more…

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