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The #1 Time Management Strategy I Use to Grow My Blog & Business: Time Blocking

The #1 Thing I Do To Grow My Blog & Business: Time Management - Time Blocking | Peppercorn Creative website design firm and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

I’m often asked how I find time to grow my website design, copy writing & mentorship business, run a food blog, write a cookbook, pitch & create for magazines and my regular cocktail column, write a novel, act in movies, work-out, cook dinner, eat, nap, spend time with loved ones AND clean the bathroom. I […] Read more…

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What Does Quality Content REALLY Mean?

What Is Quality Content -

Forget the adage that “content is king“. It’s so 1996. Content is queen, bitches. And by queen, I mean fabulous, supreme, social and generally sparkly. My inner-Feminist is screaming right now: How dare you gender-stereoptype women in relation to internet marketing?! Not all women (or queens for that matter) are loud, showy, chatter-mouths or covered […] Read more…

3 Reasons Why I Blog (And Why You Should too)

Why I Blog - ohksocialmedia

You should be blogging. But we’ve gone over that before. Today, we’re talking about why I blog with the hopes of inspiring you to take the leap to either start a blog or get more serious about the one your already have. I hope that in outlining my reasons for blogging, I can show you […] Read more…

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