Hi, I’m Kristy.

The designer, business mentor, and brand strategist behind Peppercorn Creative.

When I started my business 5 years ago, I was living in a city where I knew literally no one, was $70K in debt, and had zero savings. It sucked. So I pulled on my big girl pants, stopped whining about my luck, accepted my role in what put me in that position, and decided to make a change.

I didn’t want to live my life on mute; I wanted to live my life on full volume. Like how you sing to your favourite song in the car with the windows rolled up. I wanted more.

More money. More freedom and flexibility to focus on the things that were a priority for me. More people in my life who got jazzed up on the same things that I do. More space for breath. More hours spent with the people I love. More time. More fun. More hiking. More wine. Just, more.

And now, I have it. I have it!! And I get to help folks like you achieve the same kinds of things in your life and business.

I offer creative, targeted & impact-driven branding solutions for mobile, Google & user-optimized website design that funnels folks further into your site, killer copywriting services that sell for you, and a very unique mentoring program that delivers results based on your specific challenges and goals.

Welcome. You belong here.

P.S. I also:

Drinking Vancouver Beer - Peppercorn Creative | Website design company

  • Love puppies.
  • Love 80’s movies.
  • …And margaritas. But we already established that.
  • Am a food blogger, cookbook author, tattoo addict and movie actress.
  • Walk into a lot of stuff. And have the bruises to prove it.
  • Believe in the importance of taking care of our planet and each other.
  • Spend my mornings cycling the Stanley Park Seawall and weekends hiking the mountains around Vancouver, B.C.
  • Believe we should all take time to enjoy the view while we have it, with beer.
  • Agree business should be both professional and personal so I bring everything I got to your project ‘yo, every single day. Including proper grammar. Clearly.
  • Want the very best of the best for your business and would LOVE to work with you.

How We Help Our Clients

Work With Us

Kristy Gardner - Peppercorn Creative - Vancouver Website DesignerWe’re currently accepting new projects for 2017 with clients who get just as amped up about their project as much as we do and who refuse to compromise on quality.

We work collaboratively with you so we create a solution that not only fits your desired aesthetic, but actually delivers results!

No bullshit. Unless you like bullshit. But then maybe we aren’t the best fit for each other.

So if you don’t like bullshit but love making money, focusing on what drives you, and working with someone who cares as much about your goals as you do, reserve your spot and start the conversation now!