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Where do you go when you need social media, blogging, design or small business advice?

As a small business entrepreneur, I spend a LOT of my time alone on my deck or in a coffee shop sucking back caffeine and having conversations with myself. Unlike other designers, online media relationship facilitators (did you like that title?), and brand specialists who work for larger agencies, I don’t have a lot of people to bump ideas off of or to learn from in real life. Most of my experience comes from years of trial and error, and a host of relationships that I nurture within the computer.

I’m not talking about porn, people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m talking relationship building groups on things like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, countless emails with other creatives and like minded peeps, and for the purposes of this post, listening to and absorbing as much information as I can possibly suck up from things like podcasts.

Don’t let the word podcast scare you. A podcast is simply an online radio show that you can listen to via your browser or download onto your mobile device so you can listen on the go. Some even broadcast live. But the reason I want to share these 5 podcasts with you isn’t because they’re paying me to – because they’re not (helloooooooo podcasters!) – but because they’re incredible resources that can help you achieve greater success in your branding, online & entrepreneurial efforts. Now I know you want that.

Podcasts you should listen to  - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BC

5 Social Media, Design & Small Business Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

1. The Owner’s Mind – Chris Brogan

I’m not gonna lie. This guy is my new favourite person. Not only do we have the same core values when it comes to business but he makes them – and the lessons associated with them – accessible. Just like his email address. So instead of filling our heads with a bunch of techno-business-jargon that’s somehow better than all of us put together, instead he talks with entrepreneurs and brands who are just like you and me and about how they’ve been successful and the lessons that we can take away from their stories. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you own your own business, your own desk or even simply your own choices – you are an owner. And it’s that ownership – and the relationships that come with it – that make his show worthwhile. He’s about making business, personal. Which is really the key to success if you ask me.

Also, he’s kind of hilarious. And by kind of, I mean most definitely.

2. After the Jump – Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

I love After the Jump! The thing that is great about Grace Boney (and her podcast) is that she interviews designers, store owners and up-and-coming members of the creative community about the every day challenges they face and how we can all grow and learn from them. From successes to failures, ideas to materialization, this podcast covers all the aspects of running and maintaining a creative business or brand – something that bloggers, artists, art lovers and designers can all benefit from.

If you want inspiration, this is your show!

3. Social Media Marketing – Michael Stelzner

If you have a website (or are about to) or you’re online in some fashion (and let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?), the Social Media Marketing podcast with Michael Stelzner has episodes you want to hear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, small business owner or online marketer, there’s content here that is going to benefit your online presence and brand. I’ll be honest – there are some shows I skip over because it’s not part of my marketing plan (or those of my clients) but more often than not, there’s something I can learn – or at least think about – from just about every episode.

4. Podcast Answer Man – Cliff Ravenscraft

Yes, he talks about podcasts. Mainly about podcasts. But he also talks about building relationships in an era of online media. So while an episode might be titled “XYZ Podcasting” or whatever, the take aways he gives us can apply to a variety of platforms from blogging to social media to podcasts to vlogging and so much more. To me, it’s worth subscribing even when my podcast is between seasons because I can pull ideas, lessons and social revelations even when I’m not publishing shows.

BTW…. Speaking of social revelations… If you want a running start on how to engage on social media in ways that gets results, listen to this episode. You’re gonna love it. In fact, it was this very episode that sucked me in. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

5. Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

How can you NOT want to listen to a guy who qualifies himself as a crash test dummy?

In Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn talks about his experiences – both successes and failures – as an almost accidental entrepreneur. He’s super transparent about his business including how much money he makes (and how he makes it) which gives each of us if not a literal path to follow, at least an idea that working for ourselves CAN be profitable and enjoyable in ways that are honest, authentic and that serve others. His support for his community is evident and he gets into the nitty gritty of a lot of the day to day business and marketing questions that most of us as small business owners (or brands and bloggers) want answers to.


What small business, social media and design podcasts are in your playlist? What SHOULD we be listening to? Where DO you go for your social media, blogging, design, branding or small business advice? Share your thoughts below!


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2 Comments on 5 Social Media, Design & Small Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

    • Kristy Gardner
      August 21, 2014 at 10:13 am (3 years ago)

      Thanks Brett! I’d love to hear which podcasts you like – always looking for new ones myself 🙂