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Pretty much the worst thing in the world is when you’re putting all your time, energy and effort into creating a space online and you don’t see the results you’re hoping for.

Well, actually, I think pretty much the worst thing in the world is when you want to pour yourself a big girl glass of wine and all that’s in the fridge is milk.

…But not seeing the traffic, income, recognition or opportunities you’ve worked so hard for sucks too.

I know you want it. I know the hope is there. The hope of success. Of happiness. Of the life you crave. Of that glass of wine… Dear god help me, I’ve felt it too.

The desire to grow. The dream to live the life you want. The need to pay bills. The need for something more.

3 Key signs you need a website redesign - | website design agency and blog & business mentor in Vancouver BCYou’re plugging away creating content, engaging on social media, blasting out how stellar your services or products are and maybe you’re even having past brand partners or clients toot your horn on their feeds… Yet something is missing that’s allowing you to step up and grab life by the bits.

Here’s the thing: You may be struggling right now because the tools you’re using to reach your goals – a full time income, influence, connection, page views, success, etc… – are in dire need of a pick me up. And I’m not talking by that dark, handsome stranger at the bar.

I want so much more for you than a half-assed, half-realized dream.

I want – and need – you to OWN that shit.

So that’s what today’s post is about.

This is a check in for you to ask yourself if your tools – mainly your website – are letting you down.

Because the worst thing in the world, is to be let down. Gently or flat on your face. Just like you’re here to serve your audience, your tools are here to serve you.

So if you’re struggling and don’t know why, you may be in need of a website redesign and rebranding. Here are 3 signs you need one. Like, immediamente.

1. You aren’t landing the higher-caliber clients or brand partners you want.

Having a website in and of itself isn’t enough. It has to be awesome and hyped up to inform, entertain and funnel your ideal client or brand partner to you.

If it isn’t, you’ll see a severe lack of time spent or conversions on your site.

If that ideal reader shows up and your layout, content or structure aren’t specifically targeting and serving them, they’re gone. And likely won’t be back.

This includes things such as the design of your site – layout, aesthetics, positioning, formatting – as well as ensuring your content – posts, pages, landing pages, newsletter opt-ins, calls to action – are properly organized, well written, engaging and ultimately, about THEM.

This matters as much to your readership as it does Google.

The key is to increasing your leads, be it companies or clients you want to work with, is to know who you’re selling to. Who you’re serving. And make sure THEY know it too.

The key is to increasing leads is know who you're serving. And make sure THEY know it too. Click To Tweet

You need your website to speak to them. Because if it doesn’t, someone else’s will.

2. You feel lack of inspiration (or the need to rip off someone else’s).

With the above point in mind, sometimes a website redesign is less about them, and more about you.

Your dreams, mission, vision, goals and general interests vary over time. Duh, right? How else can you explain those acid-wash jeans you used to wear? Yikes.

And as your dreams, mission, vision, goals and general interests change over time, your website should too.

This is particularly true if you find yourself wanting to copy someone else. It’s wonderful to be inspired by our community but if you find yourself stealing words, images or styles, that’s something that’s both illegal and unethical.

If either of these are the case, it’s time to touch base and ask yourself why your brand isn’t inspiring you.  A website redesign could be just the thing you need to focus, refresh and rejuvenate your passion for what it is that’s unique about you and your brand. Copying someone else won’t bring you their success – it’ll just bring you down.

You offer something of value: YOU. And your website should reflect that.

You offer something of value: YOU. And your website should reflect that. #Quote #Marketing Click To Tweet

And if your motivation isn’t motivation enough to launch you into a website redesign, think about it this way: A lot has changed over the past few years with respect what’s hip and what’s functional in website design. If yours looks heavy, outdated, cluttered or is generally uninspiring or difficult to load and navigate, Google and your ideal reader will hold that against you. So updating your design and content is a quick way to up your overall SEO (search) game.

…Confession: I kind of love acid-wash jeans.

3. Your current site doesn’t represent what you truly offer.

Building upon the previous two points, your website should reflect what you truly offer that’s unique to you. Be it quality content, specialized services, value-added products or unicorn poop bark – it should be immediately and evidently clear (and interesting) to your ideal reader what it is you offer and how it benefits them.

Truthfully, a lot of bloggers and small businesses don’t make it because they forget this key element in their website design.

They somehow think they can fake it, phone it in, cheap out or just ignore the problem and their message – their value – will still get through to the right people. Namely, great clients and lucrative brand partners.

Let’s be honest: The only message that sends is that you don’t take your own website seriously enough to invest in it.

…So why should brand partners or higher-caliber clients?

To know what you truly offer that’s unique and valuable, you have to know who you’re selling to (see point 1). Then you need to make sure it speaks to that ideal reader (see point 2). And then you need to get all up in their junk and be honest about who you are, what you offer and how it helps them. And then do the work and showcase it on your website in the most professional and useful way possible.

Knowing it, presenting it and communicating it clearly and professionally is the only way to grow your brand, increase your income and life the life you really want. Wine included…

9 Other Signs You Need A Website Redesign:

I know I said I’d give ya 3 but I thought you’d be better equipped to assess your current sitch with more tangible examples that you’re in need of a website redesign.

So here’s 9 you can check on your website right now:

  • Your website doesn’t play well with others – namely mobile devices. The QUICKEST way to lose leads is to make sure they can’t read your content easily. This goes for load times as well as how the information actually displays on cell phones, tablets and other screen sizes. 80% of internet users browse with smartphones and Google knows it – if your site isn’t responsive to that, you’re losing valuable leads.
  • You still have flash and other dated animations on your site. iPhone and iPad don’t support Flash and major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can’t read it = terrible display for readers and potential clients and followers.
  • You haven’t done any SEO (search engine) work on it since Friends was still on air. If people can’t find your site through search, they can’t invest in you!
  • It’s confusing what the titles in your navigation menu lead to or they lead to error pages or irrelevant information.
  • Your site is over-crowded with ads, graphics or other information that make it look cluttered. Today’s design and reader preferences are generally cleaner, leaner and more minimal. Again, it comes down to being able to access the content they want to.
  • The copyright in the footer should be the current year.
  • Your website is missing your social icons and/or isn’t optimized to connect with you and share your content across social networks. Social media is online word of mouth – you need these to stay relevant and find new professional opportunities!
  • You don’t have a blog. Both Google and your potential customers favour current, up-to-date websites that regularly publish new content over websites that are as dried up as my legs in Winter.
  • You can’t easily update your content. With the way businesses, goals and audiences evolve, you should be able to update your content within the website itself. If you can’t or you’re paying too much for a developer to make small tweaks to copy or formatting for you, it’s time to upgrade to a more effective and user-friendly platform.

What do you love about your website design? What would you change? What works for you? What doesn’t? What else would you add to the conversation? Leave a comment below or please shoot me an email and tell me! I wanna hear from you.

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